[ATRUE] Real Black Tea True Active Essence 180ml

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[ATRUE] Real Black Tea True Active Essence 180ml



Compagnie Coloniale¢ç Black Tea Fermentation (81.8%)


About Black Tea Fermentation

A¡¤TRUE Black Tea fermentation is accomplished through our diligent work and a series of carefully crafted methods.

The carefully selected tea leaves are fermented twice, enabling their natural ingredients to be delivered to the skin revitalizing it with the tea's essential nutrients, keeping it healthy.

First fermentation with nature

  1. Plucking: We select the finest tea leaves harvested within the Castleton Tea Gardens which boast of fertile soil, moderate wind, and lots of sunshine. The climate is suitable and the temperatures are excellent, enabling the tea to grow as well as it can.
  2. Withering: The newly chosen leaves are then heated by the hot winds for up to 40 minutes, reducing the moisture content.
  3. Rolling: The purpose of rolling is to achieve a final curved appearance as well as to break the leaf's cell walls. This is essential to release key oils which start the chemical reaction of fermentation.
  4. Fermentation: Oxidization occurs around temperatures of 25~30and humidity levels of 95% for 30~100 minutes.

Second fermentation with scientific precision

Through the core skills and precise fermentation processes of A¡¤TRUE, the Black tea comes to life containing even more nutrients which are active constituents for healthier skin. The tea leaves are reproduced enabling very effective nutritional transfer to the skin.

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