[Ciracle] Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion 105.5ml

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[Ciracle] Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion 105.5ml

Skin revitalizing effect with oil free moisturizing formula.

The best oil free moisturizer, Ciracles Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion. -Low irritation -Oil Free -Cool Moisturizing The best oil free moisturizer made with natural ingredients Ciracles Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion is not only The best oil free moisturizer, but also low irritant natural ingredient skin care product as well. Contains Raspberry extract- the great source for natural vitamin C ingredients, Chamomile- one of the best soothing remedy, Licorice root- popular resource for Asian traditional medicine and well known for its curing effect. Especially great for sensitive skin since it minimizes irritation to your skin.

Right after being applied to the skin, fastly absorb into the skin to give you refreshing and deep moisturizing effect. Excssive sebum can be the cause of skin problem.

Have you ever felt as though right after the facial wash the sebum is coming out of your pores The key answer to oily skin care is using the proper and the best oil free moisturizer.

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