[Ciracle] White Shot Cream 60ml

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[Ciracle] White Shot Cream 60ml

Instantly brightens your dull skin tone.

Ciracles Radiance White Shot Cream is the best brightening cream! It uses Korean FDA approved whitening ingredient niacin amide and anti-wrinkle ingredient adenosine for the best skin brightening formula! This brightening cream will not only brighten your skin, but whiten it and get rid of wrinkles, too! No need to wait, this brightening cream works instantly to give your skin a lighter tone and the radiance youve been wanting!

10-hour effect for lasting radiance!

This brightening creams moisturizing and smooth application as well as its excellent absorption make this product the best out there! Its natural brightening effects make it look as if you are wearing nothing on your face! Its lasting effects allow you to not worry about reapplying!

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