Eye Fit Stick Shadow

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Recommended for :
- those looking for a smooth, soft eye shadow without the difficult loose powder
- those wanting to achieve quick and easy, natural-looking daily eye makeup
- those looking for eye makeup that's easy to carry around and touch-up throughout the day


MBR01 Maple Honey: soft matte brown for the perfect daily makeup
MBR02 Sand Castle: soft, natural matte brown that matches well with skin tone
MBR03 French Roasting: dark matte brown for a deep, distinct look

SPK01 Brunch Day: shimmer pink with soft shimmer pearls for a romantic feeling
SVL01 Dry Lavender: toned down shimmer violet for a chic and sophisticated look
SBR01 Wood Brick: shimmer brown for an intimate look
SBL01 Blue Nights: shimmer blue like a dazzling night sky

GRD01 Red Sugar: lovely glitter red like sweet sugar sprinkles
GOR01 Peach Cupcake: glitter orange for a girly and pure look
GBR01 After Dress: brilliantly glowing glitter bronze like a fancy dress

1. Powder-Free Stick Shadow
Soft stick-type shadow for smooth application without any loose powder

2. Quick and Easy Daily Makeup
Stick-type for quick makeup application and comes in small size to easily carry around

3. Three Textures for Diverse Makeup Looks
Matte, shimmer, and glitter types to achieve rich, bold looks


Apply powder or pact when there is oil around eye area to finish base makeup.
This allows for better eye makeup adherence and lasting benefit.
*Close cap after use to prevent content from drying.

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