Hand and Nature Hand Cream (EXO edition) set

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NATURE REPUBLIC Hand And Nature Hand Cream Set (EXO Edition)
Containing Shea butter, aloe ingredient.
Lilly - CHEN: Madonna Lily flower extract 1,000ppm
Cotton Baby - BAEKHYUN: Cotton seed oil 1,000ppm
Cherry Blossom - KAI: Cherry Extract 1,000ppm
Rose - CHANYEOL: rose flower 1,000ppm
Honey - SEHUN: Honey extract 1,000ppm
Shea Butter - D.O. : Shea Butter 200,000ppm
Wild Berry - XIUMIN: Raspberry extract 1,000ppm
Peach - SUHO: peach extract 1,000ppm
Green Tea - LAY: Green tea 1,000ppm
● How to use
Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your hands.
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