[Innisfree] (My Cushion) Water Fit Cushion (Refill)

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[Innisfree] (My Cushion) Water Fit Cushion (Refill)

***How To Create My Own unique Cushion***

Step 1: Choose 1 from 3 of 'Innisfree My Cushion Refill' suitable for your skin type.
Long Wear Cushion- for combination/oily skin, natural fitting, perfect coverage. 
Water Fit Cushion- for combination/oily skin, perfect fitting, natural coverage.
Ampoule Moisture Cushioh- for dry skin, light fitting, natural coverage.

Step 2: Choose 1 from 'Innisfree My Cuhion Puffs'.

Step 3: Pick out 1 design from various 'Innisfree My Cushion Case' to create my own cushion./strong>Then place 'Innisfree My Cushion Refill' intothe case,.


Innisfree my cushion refill ONLYfits into 'Innisfree My Cushion Case'. (Not interchangeable with other cases)

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