Layer Blurring Primer (Shimmer)

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Shimmer primer to complete radiant skin.

- Shimmering formula and pearl pigments provide transparent brilliance as well as 360° glowing radiance to the skin.

- Moisturizing ingredients form a light moisture protection layer onto the skin to maintain hydrated skin for a long period of time.

- Refines the rough texture of the skin and reduces flaws, creating a polished canvas for makeup.


After basic skincare routine and before applying bb cream or foundation, get appropriate amount and apply following skin texture.

- Mix & Match
Apply Shimmer to U-zone for a luxurious glow, and Pore Cover to T-zone and around cheeks for the perfect pore care
- Foundation or BB + Primer Mix
Mix the two products together and then apply to achieve bright, glowing skin
- Pat onto Dry Spots
After applying makeup, apply again onto dry or flaky areas for a radiant look

Recommended for:
- those who want beautiful glowing skin instead of rough and flakey skin
- those with difficulty choosing a primer to use because of the different concerns for different parts of the face (T-zone, U-zone)
- those who need a product for their ever-changing skin according to season

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