[Mamonde] Moisture Ceramide Intense cream 50ml

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[Mamonde] Moisture Ceramide Intense cream 50ml

A combination of the natural moisturizing factor of the Rose of Sharon/Hibiscus and ceramide forms a perfect moisturizing wall on the skin.

The new Moisture Ceramide intense cream delivers long-lasting moisture with ceramide reinforced with the powerful life energy of the Rose of Sharon. In the midsummer heat, a Rose of Sharon tree blows up to around 5,000 flowers for as long as 100 days, emitting seemingly limitless energy. While studying the energy of a Rose of Sharon that relentlessly blossoms on those hot summer days, we discovered from the bark of its tree a special moisturizing ingredient that makes the skin moisturized. This moisturizing ingredient is the core of the cream that keeps the natural moisturizing function of the skin.

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