Natural Butter Lip Balm [EXO edition] 4g

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Products Description

lip balm to give moist and soft lips with rich moisturizing film.
01 Cherry -> Cherry with sweet aroma and rich vitamin gives pink lips.
02 Strawberry -> Sweet and sour strawberry with rich vitamin gives natural red lips.
03 Grapefruit -> Vitamin-enriched grapefruit with refreshing scent gives natural coral lips.
04 Mango ->Mango with rich vitamin and fruity aroma gives moist lips.
05 Lime mint -> Lime & Mint enriched with vitamin gives moist lips.
How to use
Apply gently on the lips when needed.
01. Cherry [Baekhyun]
01. Cherry [Xiumin]
02. Strawberry [Chanyeol]
02. Strawberry [ Chen]
03. Grapefruit [D.O]
03. Grapefruit [Kai]
04. Mango [Lay]
04. Mango [Suho]
05. Lime Mint [Sehun]



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