[Sample] [IOPE] Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Kit (5 Items)

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[Sample] [IOPE] Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Kit (5 Items)

Moistgen Softner Skin Hydration 15ml

A moisturizing skin softener that hydrates skin deep inside without drying.

Moistgen Emulsion Skin Hydration 15ml

Moisturizing lotion save the moisture in depth of the skin and enhance the barrier function of the skin.

Moistgen Serum Skin Hydration 5ml

Iope's Moisture Delivery technology provide mositure to tired skin in a dry environment.

Moistgen Eye Cream Skin Hydration 3ml

An Eye Cream delivers moisture by Moisture Wrapping system. Restores skin elasticity and recovers the protein of eye area begins to get damaged.

Moistgen Cream Skin Hydration 5ml

A moisturizing cream that instantly forms a moisture-locking membrane on the skin surface for long-lasting moisturization.

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