[Sample] [IOPE] Super Vital Cream Rich VIP Special Gift (5 Items)

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[Sample] [IOPE] Super Vital Cream Rich VIP Special Gift (5 Items)

Super Vital Softner Extra Concentrated 20ml:

Essential softener instantly delivers skin-friendly and richly moisturizing compounds.

Super Vital Emulsion Extra Concentrated 20ml:

Highly nourishing and skin-barrier enhancing emulsion that boosts skin firmness.

Super Vital Serum Extra Concentrated 5ml:

Vital essence that intensively helps revitalize skin with the powerful Anti-Oxidant Dynamic System.

Super Vital Eye Cream Extra Concentrated 3ml:

Highly concentrated nourishing eye cream that moisturizes skin around the eyes and improves fine wrinkles.

Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent Rich 7ml:

The intense hydration, total anti-aging cream effectively takes care of visible signs of aging skin with its Bio-seletinoid.

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