[Sample] [Skin Food] Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum x 5PCS

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[Sample] [Skin Food] Aqua Grape Bounce Bubble Serum x 5PCS

A bounce bubble serum that creates firmer and moister skin with the power of antioxidant bubbles and 50% special moisture from the sea.

A light, yet powerful antioxidant bubble serum With its bouncy antioxidant bubbles like sea grape and ultra-moisturizing rich texture without stickiness, it creates firmer skin as if you were eating moisturizing grapes.

What is antioxidant bubble, "MINERAL WATER BOUNCE BUBBLE TM" It's an ultra-moisturizing antioxidant bubble containing safely encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, which strongly attracts moisture and volumizes skin, vitamin E and moist oil to enhance skin elasticity and density.

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