[Sample] [Sulwhasoo] Snowise Brightening Cream x 10PCS

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[Sample] [Sulwhasoo] Snowise Brightening Creamx 10PCS

Birch sap creates a layer of moisture on the skin, providing deep, soothing relief for tired or stressed skin

Birch sap is extracted once a year, while gentle spring rains fall and the trees are teeming with sap.

When applied to your skin, birch sap creates a cooling sheen of moisture that soothes and relieves stressed skin,

restoring it to its naturally peaceful balance.

Like natural springs that never stop flowing, our soothing cream rejuvenates your skin with optimal hydration and energy

Ophiopogon Japonicus root extract, a plant known for its hydrating powers, penetrates deep down,

ensuring skin retains the optimum levels of moisture.

GinSprout, which strengthen the skin surface, keeps moisture locked in long after application.

Glides on smoothly and sinks in effortlessly for a beautifully delicate finish

The fresh, crisp scent evokes a walk through the forest, while the smooth texture spreads

delicately yet refreshingly onto the skin for a soft finish.

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