[Skin Watchers] Aqua Most Whitening Water Drop 70ml

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[Skin Watchers] Aqua Most Whitening Water Drop 70ml

ST system enables you to test the condition of your skin according to the shape of water drop.

It is refreshing without a greasy feeling due to its special emulsion system by which water drops coveryour skin as soon as you apply it.Check it out with your own eyes!

Do you know the percentage of moisture in your skin
You can check it yourself.
The amount of water drops generated is different according to your skins degree of dryness and balanceof oil and moisture.
In case of dry skin (or insufficient oil) : a large number of water drops are generated
In case of moist skin (or sufficient oil) : a small number of water drops are generated.

Natural herbal ingredients in our product help sterilize , detoxify, and care for problems with your skin.
The special emulsion system controls the balance of oil and moisture by delivering whitening water
drops(the water drops generated when you apply our product)deep into your skin.
Extra moisturizing factors in our product assist NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors) and form a barrier to
water loss. It hydrates deep into the skin, so you feel as if you have used a moisture mask.
The water drops generated not only supply moisture to your skin but also have a skin-lightening effect.
It is well suited to those who have oily skin along with those who want a clean and refreshing after-usefeeling.
Those who have sensitive skin can feel free to use it because it is a non-oily weak acid product with
very tiny and uniform particles.

Refreshing moisturizing cream for those who are reluctant to use sticky and oily cream!
Do you think our product is comparatively more expensive than others
But, our product refuses to be compared with other blue moisturizing creams.
A weak acid cream without whitening function is commonly sold at 50 bucks or above.
If you consider both quality andprice, you will find that we are giving up our profit to provide ourcustomers with the finest products.

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