[Skin Watchers] Green Snail hydrating Gel 50ml

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[Skin Watchers] Green Snail hydrating Gel 50ml

A fresh gel-typed cream that makes your skin more supple and bouncier with the help of mucin.

It is one of the most complete and balanced skin care elements ever created. Protects repairs, renews and moisturizes the skin.

99% natural, hypoallergenic and a safe natural cream that triggers the regeneration of your skin.

Adopted natural preservatives : Paraben-free, alcohol-free, no mineral-oil

Incorporates an all-natural ingredient that has been known for its healing and restorative powers since ancient Greek times.

Contains no Artificial coloring matter.

Suitable for all skin types and all age groups. Perfect for people with mixed or oily complexion.

Noticeable results within a week of usage.

The healing properties of snail serum functioned as a powerful anti-oxidant & moisturizer to protect, regenerate & repair damaged skin tissue (relieved red & irritated areas of skin).

It helps promote the natural healing process.

Reduces scars and removes damaged cells and imperfections.

Nourishes the skin, protects it from free radicals and improves elasticity

Repairs and helps the skin produce antimicrobials that fight infection.

Excellent skin firming treatment.

Also increases density, moisture retention capacity and skin¢®s firmness and leaves it baby soft and smooth.

Treats acne, stretch marks, scars and sun damage too.

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