[Skin Watchers] Green Snail Intensive Emulsion 125ml

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[Skin Watchers] Green Snail Intensive Emulsion 125ml

Amajor breakthrough in skin care science has finally unveiled upon the discovery ofsnail (escargot) slime giving proven wondrous effect on the skin supported by researches around the world.

In Chile, where it started, workers on snail farms discovered that after regular handlingof snails on sold as escargot for French restaurants, their hands would soft¡©en, skinwould tighten and cut, inflamed or irritable skin would heal rapidly.

Researches show that snail slime is a complex mixture of proteoglycans, glycosamino-glycans, glycoprotein enzymes, hyaluronic acid, copper peptides, antimicrobial peptidesand trace elements including copper, zinc, and iron.

Snail mucins have been reported to be wonderful not only for treating skin problemssuch as acne, dilated pores and blemishes but also prevents aging of the skin andcontains healing properties.
Skinwatchers Green Snail Intensive Emulsion captured the whole benefits of snail slime.
plus anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and moisturising ingredients such as 1,2-
Hexanediol, Sichuan Pepper, Usnea Extract, Guava, Camomile, Morus Alba and other


13 different kinds of herbal plants make your the best it can be.
We'd say our snail product excels all the other snail products that ever came out in theworld.
We invested a huge amount of money in its formula which consists of all good ingredients from nature.


The product can help you
1. To soothe your irritated skin
2..To provide moisture
3. To provide nutrition
4. To refine your lines and wrinkles

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