[Skin Watchers] Natural Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml

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[Skin Watchers] Natural Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml

This is a cleansing oil composed of natural apricot oil, macadamia seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, bergamot oil, and Vitamin-E conductor.
So, unlike mineral oil, it does not clog your pores.

Meadow foam seed and macadamia seed oils consolidate the moisture film on yourskin.
Natural bergamot oil offers an herbal scent.
You can cleanse your skin with a softness offered by the apricot oil and macadamiaoil whose natural characteristics are similar to those of human skin.
Vitamin-E maintains skin softness, cleansing off skin residuals.
Once the oil absorbs the skin residuals and dead skin cells, it naturally mixes withwater and is washed perfectly away, leaving your skin soft and pleasantly supple.
Regular cleansing on a daily basis is helpful to your skin care routine.
We increased the effectiveness by removing 11 toxic ingredients including: alcohol,artificial coloring matter, paraben, penoxy ethanol, artificial fragrance, benzophenon,steroid ingredients, tarc, dimechicon and ethanol.

A hydrophilic oil. Moreover, its not a bean oil, but an apricot oil : Apricot oil items arereally expensive because it can not be substituted for anything when you consider ahydrophilic oil.
Its so natural that a natural cleansing oil can not clean too thick makeup.

Its just likewashing your face with a detergent.
We recommend that your makeup should not transcend this products capability.

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