Vitamin Ascorbic Acid 500mg Injection

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It gives you firmer, smoother and healthier skin

Details: This product is administered by intramuscular (IM) and subQ only. IV is not allowed.

DaehanPharm Ascorbic Acid Injection Vitamin C Injection for Skin Whitening

Specification: 500mg/2ml per ampoule

Package: 10 ampoules/tray, 5 trays / box (= 2ml * 50 amps)

Product Description:
This vitamin C each box contains 10 ampoules of 0.5g/2ml injectable Laroscorbine.
As we know vitamin c is highly publicized for its well known function, yet there are many of us not fully awared of its benefits. The advantages of taking vitamin C injection is:
1) Aims in producing Collagen, which is connective tissue of our skin, bone, ligament, tendons, joints and organ support.
2) Suppresse formation of ‘Melanin’ contributing to darkspot after long exposure to UVA/UVB.
3) Reduce our facial and skin fine lines or wrinkles. This is because it aims in producing the collagen, which is important to make our skin firm and provides elasticity.
4) Reduce the appearance of pimples/acne/blemishes and minimised pores. Improves the skin smooth texture.
5) Prevent scurvy, which is a kind of vitamin c-deficiency.
6) Increase body immune system. At a higher dose is believed to have the property of antihistamine.

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